Corporate Events, Parties, Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies, Red Carpets, and anything that is not a Wedding, or a portrait session.


$450 for first two hours

$250 for each hour afterwards




Q: Why are the prices for corporate events and parties less than a wedding that starts @ $2200 for 5 hours?  

A: We will have 2 photographers present for weddings vs 1 for corporate events, and the amount of processing is significantly higher for weddings as well.


Q: Do we offer attended photo booth services?

A:  We do not.  What we can provide is a red carpet / "step and repeat" setup.   We have a photographer take photos of guests with a company or event backdrop. Pricing for this service is an additional $350 for three hours.   


Q:  Are we insured?

A:  Yes, we are insured via Professional Photographers of America.