Newborn Portraits

- Portraits should be taken within the first two weeks of the child's delivery date.

- We suggest that newborn portraits be taken in the comfort of your home.

- All packages include print release forms.

- All packages include a private online viewing gallery.

- Newborn photography is a very unique form of photography because it requires a LOT of patience for everyone involved.  This is specifically true for the parents.  There will be a number of rest breaks for the parents and the baby for feeding, resting, burping, diaper changes and settling down.  Babies operate on their own schedule and all the coddling and cooing will not necessarily place the baby in a relaxed mood if he or she has been startled.

-While 60 minutes sounds like a generous amount of time to photograph a child; in most cases, this is barely enough time to get a few poses for a newborn; that is why the standard sitting time we have for newborns is 180 minutes (3 hours).  That sounds like a pretty long time, but remember that these images we are capturing are memories that are meant to last a lifetime.

- Photography is done by Donald, and the baby is posed and handled with care by Clarence Marie.  Clarence Marie had previously worked as a mother-baby Registered Nurse at a Newport Beach hospital for over 10 years before she engaged in photography.


Mini Portrait Sitting - $350

60 minutes of Photography

Custom Photo Enhancements for Ten of your favorite images



Standard Newborn Portrait Sitting - $450

180 minutes of Photography

Custom Photo Enhancements for Twenty of your favorite images